‘DJI Phantom 4’ Review, Day 1 Unboxing And Size Comparison


We eventually have our hands on the Phantom 4 after watching the live event, covering the gossips and waiting for the cartons to arrive at the front door. It ’s time to see what it can do and what this thing looks like.

For the report on the Phantom 4, we’re going to be doing something a bit different. Instead of having one long boring review, we’re going to split up this thing into 7 miniature reviews covering all facets of the Phantom 4. Finishing on March 21st and beginning on March 15th, we are going to be posting a miniature review daily of the week!



When the Phantom 4 arrived, it was somewhat shocking how little the transport carton was. There wasn’t one inch of room between the merchandise carton, which goes to show how optimized their transport procedure is in and the box it was sent.

Considering the carton, I was instantly impressed with the new appearance. It nearly resembles Apple packaging. On the front side of the carton, it only only mentions stabilized camera, eyesight navigation, GPS, High Definition feed that is live and 4K record.

The Coolest Lock


Taking the recently constructed case from the carton, the Apple-like packaging is not any longer there, but rather something quite exceptional. Essentially, you happen to be presented with a curiously gray coloured box with a handle and the trendiest lock I seen on this type of case that was low-cost.

The Case


I found the deficiency of any weight caused it to be extremely simple to take, although the case is made from a lightweight styrofoam which is something Apple appears to loathe using inside their packaging. Talking of taking, the case does feature a nice rubberized handle, so you should’t need to be worried about it breaking immediately.

What’s In The Case


Once you pop the case open, the Phantom 4 is encircled by other accessories like the charger, USB to micro USB cable, manuals, additional props and some other things that were useful to get you started.

One thing that DJI never contains is a Lightning cable, although the Phantom 4 comes with a micro USB cable which will function with most Android cellphones. What this means is that you must use your one and only charging cable for billing your iPhone which you use and worry about remembering to put it back where you found it when you get home. I’m not certain DJI does since most folks flying the Phantom are using iPhones ’t contain one, but I think it is possible to only purchase another one.

Things That Fit


The Phantom 4 is packaged fairly snugly inside the case, so you should have the ability to match all you need indoors, but there’s still some additional room for things like 2 additional batteries, additional braces and ND filters. To sum my ideas up on the instance, I believe it’s a great beginning. It’s something to get you going for a month or two, but it’s not a replacement to get an instance that is real later on.

Now The Phantom 4 Is Skinny


Getting back to the Phantom 4, after I took it out of the box there were a few things that I instantly found. The first was it was. Compared to all the pictures, it almost looked like a drone that was completely distinct! When you take out the battery, it appears that the Phantom 4 has a mouth. It ’s insane how small room there’s for the electronic equipment, but they’ve managed to fit more interior of it.

Now The Phantom 4 is Fat


Considering the Phantom 4 head on, where all of the additional hardware is it begins to be clear. By removing the different camera module and the tremendous vibration mounts, it’s enabled them to GPS in the Phantom’s belly and stuff everything but the motor speed controls.

The Most Amazing Plastic?


Turning the Phantom 4 upside down, you may see how attractive the new layout actually is. All these symmetric annular holes look machined flawlessly. You might mistake the underparts of the the Phantom for a plastic stuff that is low-cost, but you’d be incorrect. Gimbal, the camera and underside of the Phantom 4 is made from magnesium alloy.

Things Look Similar


Comparing the Phantom 4 to the Phantom 3, it’s really much the same in measurements from motor to motor, but the landing legs are broader and longer. This makes touchdown on uneven ground considerably safer, but additionally, it means that you just wo’t have the ability to fit the Phantom 4 into back packs or any Phantom 3 cases.

Things Look Better


I ’m really impressed with the new layout. Many people may believe the Phantom 4 seems like a fat pillow, but after owning it for several hours, the Phantom 3 is beginning to seem disfigured and odd, particularly with the camera module dangling in the underside. I would like to know what you think of the layout in the remarks.

So this reasons day 1 of the 7 day Phantom 4 review. Do’t forget to return for a look at the new attributes in the DJI Go program!


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