‘DJI Phantom 4’ Review, Day 3: Real World Flight Time Comparison


Now, we’re going to learn what the real life flight time is and the length of time it takes to bill the Phantom 4, but first, here’s some history on the Phantom versions that we are going to be examining. So this should be a reasonable comparison, the battery we used for the evaluation had less than 10 discharges on it. For the first evaluation, we charged them up, dispatched both batteries, and flew at once to get the most precise results.


For the charging evaluation, I took the Phantom 3 and Phantom 4 external and ran down the batteries to electricity that was 9%. After that, I shot a video to keep track of the time and stopped up both batteries in at once. The Phantom 4 battery began revealing two bars of life, placing it in the lead. At 20 minutes, the Phantom was in the lead by 1 minute and 3 had caught up revealing 3 bars.

At 30 seconds and 59 minutes the Phantom 3 battery won the race, turning more than 4 minutes off . Based on this evaluation went, this indicates the Phantom takes more to get as much as the ending voltage and 4 charges quicker at first, but then slows down. I’m not really certain what to think of these results. My guess is since both of the battery chargers put out the same quantity of electricity the larger battery takes more to charge.

The Flying


After charging both Phantom 3 batteries and the Phantom 4 at the exact same time, we waited about 3 hours. We lifted off the earth did a compass calibration and after that.

We determined to do the test after taking a look at the effects. In Sport Mode, the Phantom 4 was for the last evaluation and video was recorded by us on both versions for the whole flight in 4K. This time both batteries started electricity out and like before, we landed after the crucial voltage warning. The effects were quite much like the last evaluation.

In the evaluations that we’ve done up to now, it appears that the Phantom 4 has a typical flight time of 20 minutes and a max flight time of 22 minutes. We are going to keep testing to see if this transforms later on, although now, it getting flight time compared to Phantom 3. I do’t believe folks understand 20 minutes actually is, although it might be unsatisfactory learning the Phantom 4 does’t get the flight time we hoped for.

I’m really happy with the flight time from both of the drones, but I ‘d be even happier if drone businesses (DJI contained) would be more frank about flight time. We did’t only get the Phantom 4 to observe it hover for 30 minutes though, so keep coming back to find how the actual options that come with the Phantom 4 perform, like Active Track and Pat Fly, as well as Sport Mode.


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