‘DJI Phantom 4’ Review, Day 5: Trying Out Obstruction Avoidance


We are going to be considering barrier avoidance on the Phantom 4 now.
Why does one want obstruction avoidance? You do’t. Particularly when you just get the skill to prevent challenges in the front of the drone technically there’s no reason for one to have obstruction avoidance on the new Phantom 4. Most folks aren’t going to run they will never actually use obstruction avoidance on the Phantom 4 when flying about generally, and can certainly see in front of them.

So have barrier avoidance? Because barrier avoidance is. It was designed to use as some of eyes to help understand the world. Rather than calling the new attribute of the Phantom 4 obstruction avoidance, we should call it machine vision technology, or something like drone sight. This is understood by DJI. Actually, they do.

Now, while testing Harness out Fly I found a fresh attribute in the DJI go program that was’t there only one day before. It was the skill to navigate obstructions around horizontally. You could do this using Pat Fly, but I did’t find so I was’t really excited about it Pat Fly useful. It’s simply not for me although pat Fly is a great thing to attempt. After seeing this new attribute in the program, try running around several trees and I determined to give it a shot. At first I essentially walked through everything and was really cautious. While it followed me I ‘d to build up a bit of assurance in the system before running strait. Did’t actually attempt going around barriers like I expected, although I found that it consistently quit.


I began running after becoming comfy. When me truly surprised that’s. I was running quickly enough where the Phantom 4 began seeming like a person was piloting an it! Some times it did really have the ability to fly around a tree while unable to correctly see me.

While flying using barrier avoidance functions quite great. The only matters that it ca’t see that nicely are extremely thin low contrast objects like little sticks, thin ropes and telephone lines. It may even prevent flying into another Phantom 4 (we did examine this), but I ‘d’t attempt that without DJI attention for obvious reasons!

I’ve to say that I’m actually impressed with what these miniature cameras can perform on the Phantom 4 to stop the review of the day. Even right after the sundown, the obstruction avoidance appears to function fine. In a brightly lit place it appears to do amazing, although I ‘d never attempt running at night in the dim.


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