4 Lesser known Benefits of Digital Marketing Services

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Friends, Romans and Marketers! In 2016 almost everyone knows about what is SEO and what wonders it can work for your site. Starting straight from the desktop as well as mobile customization lesson and many other lessons like the ones preaching quality content creation are the ones that almost every online marketer is on familiar terms with.

We relate to the whole SEO exercise as the traffic generating spell of the marketing manuscript. However, it is way more than that to our delight. This post will sketch out other important advantages of SEO that spring from having an appropriately Search engine optimized website.

1. Proper optimization also equals a better user experience

A properly optimized site hikes up ranking is all we are told and rightly so but there’s one element missed out from the picture i.e. user experience. We all are aware of how user experience is now quite a noteworthy factor that affects rankings. The search engines are looking forward to see a mobile-friendly design, good user signals and a fine blend of suitable pictures and other media in every website. These elements would not just please search engines and lead to higher rankings as a reward but these elements would also enhance the user-experience of your visitors. Simply put, by performing Search Engine Optimization, you are altogether boosting up your user experience along with rankings. Also, a user experience would fetch your website higher rates in conversion, more reliability, and a more brand faithful audience.

2. Organic search = 64% of all website visits

A study carried out by Conductor comprising of more than 310 million visits to 30 different websites demonstrated that organic search held responsibility for 64% of all traffic. While another research conducted gives the impression that social media has slightly surpassed search in terms of referrals now. However, for most business websites search still remains a soaring high source of traffic.

3. SEO leads tend to have higher close rates than outbound leads

An article by Search Engine Journal advocates that leads generated by SEO meet a close rate of 14.6% in an average, in comparison with outbound leads close rates of 1.7%. The original source of these figures cannot verified however, it would not be quite a revelation if it came out to be true; It obviously is logical as searchers who seek the business by search and are clearly interested are very plausibly likely of becoming a customer rather than those whom the business is reaching out to and attempting to attract.

4. SEO increases reliability for your brand

If you land up on the first few searches of a search page then they know you sure have both feet sunk into the game, which would work in your favor and portray your business to the visitors as reliable, authentic and well-off in a certain way. While if your website ranks on the 3rd or 4th page, they are going to take you for the exact opposite, which can be a marketer’s worst nightmare.

Fellow Marketers, now you have got another couple of reasons to embrace your all time ally, the mighty SEO. Digital Marketing Company in India will assist to resolve your such type of website promotion problems. Having any issue, grab the actual solutions of how to resolve your website campaign for business.

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