5 Typography rules for enhanced user experienced

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User experience is crucial while designing a website or an app and so is typography as it plays major role in influencing the user experience. Here are 5 rules that can be followed to create an incredible typographic user experience.

Pay attention to line spacing

One of the most important things to enhance user experience is to leave sufficient room between lines. Line spacing is specially important for mobile reading and if taken care of well, it offers ease of reading. There are various variables that must be taken into account while deciding upon line spacing, including text size, amount of text, screen width and lettering style.

For mobile devices and websites, it is recommended to keep line spacing around 150 percent and 125 of the text size respectively. To make the paragraphs easier to scan, use a loose paragraph spacing.

Give proper size to your text

When it comes to choosing the size of your text, it depends on the amount of text you have to work with.

For a large number of designers, a perfect number of characters that must be used falls between 45-60 characters per line, although different designers have different ideas related to the same. The number shrinks for mobile typography where half of what is for the websites is accepted for mobile versions.

Think proportionally

In order to create type style for a project, it is viable to think in proportions. This simplifies your job to a great extent. Think about the size you choose for headlines, body type and sub-headings. Link them in proportion to gain better insight into what would be the optimal size to make lettering and to build a sense of visual harmony.

Less is more: Choose limited typeface

Don’t use more than two typefaces. Whether it is mobile product development or website development, make it your goal to use limited typeface. Using them in large numbers can annoy your users. They are hard on eyes and make reading difficult.

Pick up two typeface families and stick to them. Figure out how each of them should be used. Determine the size, color and placement of typefaces in the design.

Amp up the contrast

You might come across many trendy designs with minimal contrast between the lettering and background. Although it might appear to be cool, it is not user-friendly and makes it challenging to read.
Remember, your content can break or make a website. Amp up the contrast between the background and lettering to make it easier for your users to read every word on the screen.

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