6 Most Common WordPress Mistakes

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WordPress websites are one of the most popular website and content management systems in the world. While WP advocates DIY web design, business owners, and especially ecommerce website owners, should consider investing in professional WordPress development for their Toronto business. Below are some of the most common DIY mistakes made when designing your website solo.

Free Theme And DIY Web Design

There are without a doubt some excellent modern and responsive free WP themes to choose from. While the free themes are great, they are cookie-cutter themes that would require so much customization that it is worth your time and money to invest in a professional WordPress theme upfront.

Too Many Plug-Ins

Another common mistake, is installing a bunch of useless, dated, or even damaging plug-ins to your DIY website. For example, it might sound like a great idea to install every SEO plug-in you can find, but 1 quality plug-in is likely all you need. Just as with your website theme, the handful of plug-ins you install are likely to cost a fairly nominal upfront fee. Installing too many themes can also slow down your website.

No Custom Code

While every free theme can be customized hundreds or thousands of ways, you are sure to find that there are at least a few features your basic theme just can’t deliver–at least not without some custom code. In fact, even premium WordPress blog themes need a bit of customization to deliver the layout and features you require.

Forgetting Keyword Research And SEO

While a ready-made theme makes building your WordPress website fast and easy, you also have to fill your web pages with relevant content. While your web design team will certainly infuse your tone and key points in your content–they will also perform market and keyword research to ensure that your website is SEO ready.

Complementary Colors

There are multiple areas of your website that can be customized in your color of choice. While there are many fun colors to choose from, “fun” is not your primary goal. Your color choices play a vital role in how your website is received, and sometimes your logo or company colors are not a good fit for your website design as a whole. Another mistake along the same lines, is opting for colorful website font–or a font style or size that does not work well with your overall design.

Low-Quality Media

Last but certainly not least, while your free DIY theme will look crisp and clean–adding media to your website may be trickier than you imagine. Everything from your graphics, to your photos, videos, buttons, graphs, and charts must be clean and crisp, and placement and scale must be spot on.

WordPress might be free, but every penny you invest in professional design is worth it. In fact, you will probably save money in time alone by having your business website designed by a pro.

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The author is working in a IT Company in Toronto, having good knowledge of wordpress development, In this article he shares the 6 most common wordPress mistakes done by developers.


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