6 Tips For Choosing The Best Payment Gateway For Ecommerce in India

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With Indian eCommerce poised to cross the $1 billion mark very soon, the online web place holds tremendous potential for businesses. Choosing the right kind of payment gateway is also immensely important, as apart from payment collection a payment gateway can also provide for business growth and new customer generation.

Here are 6 tips that you can use for choosing the best payment gateway for eCommerce in India.

1) Value

Apart from online payment collection, the best payment gateway for eCommerce in India also adds value to your business. The reliable PCI: DSS certified payment gateway that has a legacy to display is right for the purpose. It is even better if the payment gateway is part of an international payment processing company. Such a payment gateway will provide you adequate resources when you try to expand your business to other international destinations.

2) Ease and Speed of Going

Your payment gateway should be provided to you in the shortest period of time. The leading payment gateways in India offer you a 24-hour onboarding time so that you can go live with your payment process within a day. The better payment gateways are built on sophisticated and modern technological platforms. They easily integrate with all kinds of shopping carts, including the Magneto, WordPress, and Joomla shopping carts. With mobile SDKs for Android and iOS business applications, you can also go live with your payment process on all kinds of mobile devices expeditiously.

3) Security

The best payment gateway for eCommerce in India is also PCI: DSS and ISO certified. They use SSL or Secure Socket layer encryption technology for encrypting all the financial data of customer’s cards when it passes through different web servers. The leading payment service providers also have online secure vaults for storing any information confidentially. Together, these features and modules provide for a secure payment process. The cheapest online payment gateway may cost low but does not have any supportive feature for enhancing business growth and for providing greater payment success rates.

4) Support

The best of online payment service providers are accessible any time of the day through web chat and phone call. You can easily resolve any of your problems related to payment processing when you hire a reputed payment service provider. You also get access to video tutorials, downloads, and knowledge vaults so that you can always have the best set of resources to carry on your payment processing process. Through the features, an online merchant can remain fully aware of each and every aspect of it.

5) Risk Management

The leading payment gateways use a range of risk and fraud prevention tools for pre-screening transactions. The tools include device fingerprinting, behavioral mapping, cross-merchant intelligence and cross-parameter check among others that offer next generation security for online payment collections.

6) Reporting and Analytics

Only the best and most professional of payment gateways can offer you fully transparent reporting and analytics. You can get real-time statistical reports and enjoy a completely transparent process. You get a wholesome view of all the aspects of your business related to sale and revenue collection. The insightful data and reports provided by the payments services provider can help you to analyze your performance. You can enhance your business potential better by using the analytics tools.

The EBS payment gateway is part of Ingenico group and offers a featured and secure payment gateway in 24 hours. With features like Smart Routing, Auto Pay, Turbo Checkout and 100+ payment collection options, you never miss a payment. The PCI: DSS compliant and ISO certified payment gateway offers you a 24 hour time for going live with payments. EBS uses the latest of modules for offering exceptional risk prevention.

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Prashant Bhurke is a financial expert and is working with EBS. The writer has a flair for writing and he keeps on writing various articles and blogs related to the industry. He wrote this article to educate his readers about how to choose the payment gateway for e-Commerce in India. If you want to know more about cheapest online payment gateway feel free click on active links.


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