Best WP Themes for Bloggers of all Levels Of Skill

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This article will review some of the best WordPress Blog themes providers available today. Over the course of our own website’s existence, we have had the pleasure of working with some of the best WordPress Blog themes and theme developers, so all information here is from personal experience. There are actually 3 theme resources we will focus on, and each one excels in different ways when producing their themes. As such, we will break this article into 3 parts:

  • Best WordPress Blog themes for the beginner Blogger
  • Best WordPress Blog themes for the professional Blogger
  • Best WordPress Blog themes for overall features and choice

Note: All themes listed here are premium themes. In all fairness, for the sake of such a small initial investment, the benefit of added professionalism and flexibility these themes offer, is a no brainer!

Best WordPress Blog Themes for the Beginner Blogger

We have to advocate Elegant Themes on this one. It was the first Blog theme we used and we loved it. The main reason we regard ET as providing the best WordPress Blog themes for the budding Blogger is because of their support system. When we had an issue or wanted to change the size of the logo, or move something around, we always had our questions answered quickly, and they never failed to help us accomplish what we needed to do. In addition, each of their themes comes with an “ePanel”, which basically allows you to change certain elements of the theme at the touch of a button, such as background colors, changing the logo, managing advertisements and what I want displayed on the front page. This simple administration is one of the key factor in why we chose ET as the best WordPress Blog themes provider for beginners. Cost was another factor, and ET wins out here. It costs just $39 to access ALL 70+ of their themes, which means if you want to switch up your theme a week or month down the road, it doesn’t cost anything extra. One important note, ET is membership driven, meaning the $39 is an annual fee – so don’t forget to cancel your membership if you no longer require access to their themes!

Best WordPress Blog Themes for the Professional Blogger

My… oh my. We have no hesitation recommending StudioPress as the world leader in professional looking Blogs. We have contemplated (and are still contemplating!) switching over to a StudioPress theme. We have worked on several Blog development projects with clients and each of the themes have several exceptional advantages for those wanting that uber professional Blog. First, site speed is what initially caught our attention. The themes use the Genesis Framework and are highly efficiently programmed. Site opening speed is a major factor in holding your visitors attention. The themes also come SEO optimized from a coding standpoint – using smarter design architecture making it easier for search engines to crawl and index your pages. The theme can also auto update to new versions, so all enhancements will be automatically applied to your site. Another key factor is WordPress security, and each theme is professionally coded by a WordPress security expert to follow all WordPress security best practices. StudioPress themes are a little different. You actually install the Genesis Framework first, then a “Child” theme. The nice thing about this is if you want to change your theme, it only costs $29.95 as you only have to purchase the Child theme again.

Best WordPress Blog Themes for Overall Features and Choice

Our own Blog theme comes directly from the provider we rank highest for Best WordPress Blog themes when is comes to pure choice and features. That Provider is ThemeForest. Themeforest operates a little differently from the previous 2. They are an online repository for professional Blog theme developers who submit their themes for sale within the ThemeForest market place. As such, there are over 2,000 WordPress themes available! The great thing about ThemeForest is that there are usually tons of reviews for the decent themes, and the theme developers are active within the reviews to answer any questions or problems. Most developers also have their own forum where you can receive support if needed too, so support is generally a thumbs up for ThemeForest. The themes we have worked with themselves are generally very high quality, with oodles of options, although some are on the tricky side, and the overwhelming number of options some offer can be quite daunting to the inexperienced WordPress user. A great many themes also come Social Media ready – they have Facebook, Twitter and other social media options built into the theme – all you need do is enter your respective URLs and you’re good to go!

Best WordPress Blog Themes Summary

Any of the above resources are a great choice for developing your Blog. Two of the most critical aspects are support and coding – and all 3 of these resources deliver. We have tried many free Blog themes and there’s nothing more frustrating than spending hours trying to figure out why a page doesn’t load properly, or why you can’t use page menus, only to find out is a failing of the theme, and being free, there is often no direct support to work through the issues. We ourselves have had clients with such themes that we completely replaced because of such reasons. It’s true what they say, you get what you pay for, and that’s no different when it comes to the best WordPress Blog themes.

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