Developing the dream is the ultimate goal

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If you were planning to go on a journey of any kind, then the first thing you would do is sort out a route, decide on transportation, and have an idea on the type of accommodation you will be frequenting during the trip. It is basic common sense and is essential, otherwise before you had got too far, you would be lost and possibly heading in the wrong direction. Therefore, when it comes to plotting a successful journey through life, it has to be right to set some targets or goals to aim for, but it is necessary in the first place, to understand exactly what is goal setting.

Well, firstly there has to exist a desire, or an ideal, that is both realistic and achievable. Then there has to be the motivation to turn a vision or dream, into actual fact, and enough self-belief and discipline to avoid or ignore, the distractions and pitfalls that will be encountered along the way. In effect it is long term vision, driven by short term motivation. Focus is all important, as too often people lose this, and once it goes it is incredibly difficult to regain. We are all surrounded by resources that can, if used properly, steer us to where we want to go, but maximizing them to best advantage is the key to ultimate success.

So does that answer the question of what is goal setting? Well probably not entirely, it needs a little more than that, with goals within goals. The big picture sees the fruition of a significant amount of dedication, over a pre-defined period of time, which could be perhaps a year, or a real long term of maybe up to 10 years. However, to reach that objective, it will be necessary to break it down into smaller targets. This will keep the focus and establish a kind of real life graph, charting your progress. In adopting this practice, it will enable you to guard against slipping behind and losing the motivation.

It is a good idea to be precise and put in exact dates, times, amounts etc. , dependent upon your goal, so the levels of achievement can be followed and measured, and if you have several running along side each other, then its recommended to prioritize and ensure that you concentrate on them in the order you decide. The small goals should be just that, as larger aims are more likely to run into difficulties and with them a greater chance of becoming disheartened.

Stay in control and it will be a terrific journey towards satisfying your ambitions, whilst at the same time enhancing your own personal development. It is important to continue to review the whole package on a regular basis. Sometimes, it might be necessary to slightly amend plans, due to circumstances, but never venture too far from the long term goal, otherwise it will end as a failure. There are plenty of success stories out there to refer to, which demonstrate that everybody has it in themselves to reach their ultimate target.

With sensible goal setting anything is achievable and each and everyone’s personal development will improve beyond recognition, but what is goal setting ? There is so much that can be accomplished if it is channelled correctly. Learn more about it on .

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