Eight Facebook Tactics to Enhance Your Ecommerce Sales

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Facebook is important as a traffic driving vehicle and creating a big collection of audience (customers and fans) for ecommerce businesses. Facebook makes it easy to reach your target audience. Using the following tips would greatly improve the number of visitors to your site.

1. Post high quality images
The first thing you need to do for you ecommerce store is to build your target audience. The audience includes visitors, followers and customers. Facebook photos create more engagement than plain images.
Here, a noteworthy point is that the images you post should be clear. In other words, when visitors find the image, they need not make any further search.

2. Create attractive collages
Images posted are fine. However, posting images repeatedly is likely to make it monotonous. Post something new. As part of new technique, create a collage comprising multiple themes. Group the products and keep them according to the theme.
For example, you could keep products that are in offer and those to be offered this weekend for free shipping!

3. Conduct contests
Research reveals that people clicking like on Facebook would like to get coupons or discounts. Conducting contests help ecommerce businesses offer deals to their customers and keep them engaged.

4. Offer discounts on festive occasions
Festive occasions bring you great opportunity to offer your loyal customers with discounts. To attract new customers to your business, free offers could be made on making one purchase.

5. Offer products at free shipping
Shipping constitutes an important expense for your customer. If the shipping charge is borne by the company, then it’ll have a positive impact on customers – they’ll get ready to buy the product.

6. Use your own Facebook store app
Facebook store an official app and allows ecommerce business to post their products on their Facebook page. Create a customized app for your business. This is useful generating traffic and sales as well. It also helps in engaging fans better.

7. Trigger a debate
Create a debate between different products with respect to their pros and cons, etc. This will help keep your visitors engaged. Encourage you customers to comment on the products as well. You could also divide your audience based on the device they use, android Windows, Iphone, and desk/lap top.

8. Urgency
Offer deals (at discounted prices, offering the product free combined, etc.) that last for a day or few hours. The offer should be such that it was never before. This will prompt your customers to buy the product.
To conclude, when you’re using Facebook as a platform for your ecommerce business, make sure that you create substantial amount of content that is engaging for your customers and positively urges them to buy your products.

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