Guide to Selling Android or IOS Mobile Apps Source Code.

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You can Sell Apps by listing for free on HiWebby.Com

Sell apps online with these two options 1- choose auction or 2- post as free classified
First keep in mind exactly why you are selling Apps. Selling Apps for the bad reasons might make you price it too high and not gives a sale, or price it too low and make you regret it later.

Money is the most obvious reason for selling your app. Instead of struggling with how to monetize it, grow it, market it or update it, you can simply choose to cash out. You may have lost interest in the apps, or you have another idea you would rather work on.

For example if your app earning is $1000 month and you can’t figure out how to increase the revenue, you could sell it for around $1,2000 and collect the revenue for the rest of the year right away instead of waiting for it to come in. You can then use the $1, 2000 money to work on a new idea.

Time required and Resources: If you’re a developer, you probably don’t have much marketing experience. Creating the app is one aspect, but marketing it is another. You need time, money and resource to be able to get your app to the top where it will be seen.

For a single developer this is a very tall ask. It might make more sense in this case to sell it to someone who has the knowhow and resources to market the app, you’re giving it to someone who can do more with the app and potentially increase revenues.

The right time to Sell Apps

Selling Apps it at the right moment for the right price is a perfectly good strategy to capture any gains you might have seen if your app has had a sudden burst of popularity.
If you don’t think the app can sustain at the top for too long, then use your position to sell it for a higher price than you would get if it fell out of grace with users.

Check everything is in order

The buyer must want to know as much as they can before spending money to buying your Mobile App. Make sure you mention important metrics like downloads, revenue and daily active users on listing page. These are the first things interested buyers will ask for, and they will decide how much to bid for your app based on this. If you haven’t installed an analytic platform, do so immediately to give buyers an up-to-date set of numbers.

Another important factor that buyers will ask about is whether the app has any outstanding bugs. Make a list of what’s not working, what’s unfinished and what needs maintenance in the app. A code review for quality assurance might also help and ease the doubts of some of the more skeptical buyers.

Selling apps Online for big money, now you must be thinking how?

Selling an app online is literally as simple as putting a listing up and watching the bids grow. However, there are a few things to take into consideration before you sell your app on HiWebby.

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