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Branded food speaks quality and no wonder that as a buyer, it ranks high on your shopping list. But to curtail costs, you often resort to loose packs or lesser-known brands. However, you are just risking your family’s health here. Especially, if the nutrition/ingredients list (given at the back of the box) is not approved by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. Branded foods come with the approval of FSSAI.

Thankfully, you can now get all of your favorite brands online with the click of a mouse.

Ok that’s great but how am I benefiting here?

First things first, you are able to compare and check prices of all your favorite brands at one site. So, pick a sensible one that compares deals and has multiple vendors. Here, you get the benefit of comparing rates for the branded food labels. For instance, if you are buying cheese you can check the price for the same brand – say Amul, under different vendors. Compare the size and price – then add the best deal to your cart.

* By choosing a website that gives you the option of both comparing vendors and easy check out, it is a win-win situation for you. You gain here by comparing your favorite brand across multiple vendors, save time and of course money!

* Moreover, the entire concept of searching for your favorite brands becomes easier. There is a search option on top of the page for this. If you want to search by vendors then choose your city first, then your vendor. Keep adding products to your basket and finally click on ‘compare your basket here’. So you will know, which vendor is offering the best price for your favorite branded foods!

* Plus, you save on your overall costs because you are now buying a higher quality product at a lower price. And each label is what it promises to be when it comes to buying branded food online. You can continue this process and keep adding your favorite brands to the cart.

* Certain items can be out of stock. There are notification options to let you know when the product is in stock. Also, if you want the price to go low a bit more, you can add that product to your price alert list. So whenever the prices drop again, you will be notified via email.

* It could be that you have purchased most of your goods from one vendor. But there is a particular food brand that you want right now – but it is available at a different vendor. Again, no need to fret about wasting time. With a click you can switch vendors, add product to cart and check out.

All in all, buying branded food online helps you save more with every purchase.

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Priya Singh is an buy branded food online market research enthusiast with the penchant for contemplating the current trends and rising demands for shop online . In this article he has shared his views about using branded food products online offers to save money.


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