Looking For A Payment Gateway For Your E-Commerce: Here Are Some Facts To Be Aware Of

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With more 500 million internet users in India, the country offers tremendous potential for growth of business websites and eCommerce portals that operate online. There are also more than 700 million mobile users in India, 20% of which are smartphone holders (Statista). Hence, e-commerce in India can expand their access to a number of internet-access capable devices. These include smartphones, tablets, PCs and Laptops among others.

For collecting payment online, an eCommerce requires a payment gateway. A payment gateway is a kind of e-commerce application that can collect payments that are made on e-commerce online stores and the brick and click stores. These payments are made by customers through Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, Digital Wallets and other online payment modes.

If you are wondering which payment gateway is going to be right for your online business and e-commerce, then here are some facts that you can read and observe and make the best decision.

Legacy and Value

The most professional of payment gateways have a legacy to exhibit and be proud. The leading payment gateway EBS, for instance, is a part of Ingenico Group. EBS has been in business for 10 years and currently serves to more than 8000 online merchants and customers in India and overseas. The better payment gateways have ties with all leading banks and financial institutions in India. These payment gateways offer you an expeditious payment collection system that is fully secure and reliable.

Risk Prevention

Web hackers are always in search of loopholes for causing a hack and fraud. Hence, a payment gateway provider should also offer risk prevention services that can pre-screen the transactions. The best of payment gateways like EBS use modern security features like Device Fingerprint, Behavioral Mapping, Cross Merchant Intelligence and others to incubate in your eCommerce exceptional online fraud prevention capability.


The best payment gateway derives its exceptional reliability by complying by the latest PCI: DSS standards. The leading payment gateways are also ISO certified. The use of SSL or Secure Socket Technology by the best of payment gateways helps them to encrypt financial information when it passes through different online web servers between the participating banks. In order to gain customer trust, you should have a payment gateway that has adequate security.


Your payment gateway service provider should help you in all payment related issues, and should be accessible 24/7 on the web. It should also offer you video tutorials, knowledge vaults, and other informational downloads so that you can easily know about all the aspects of the gateway and use it easily.

Analytics and Reporting

The best payment gateway offers you business/sales/revenue/demographics related reports and analytics so that you measure the performance of your business, and improve it further. A wholesome view provides for better and in-depth analysis and helps you to understand which areas of your business are better performing and which ones need improvement.

EBS is a leading payment services provider company in India that abides by the latest PCI: DSS standards and also has the best of risk management services. A part of Ingenico Group (having a presence in 125 countries and ties with 1000+ financial institutions), EBS brings to your business, a huge range of resources for its growth and expansion. The EBS payment gateway offers 100+ payment collection options and technological features like Turbo-Check Out and Smart Routing among others for enhancing payment success rates.

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Prashant Bhurke is a financial expert and is working with EBS. The writer has a flair for writing and he keeps on writing various articles and blogs related to the industry. He wrote this article to educate his readers about how to select eCommerce payment gateway. If you want to know more about payment gateway service provider in India, feel free click on active links.


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