How SEO and Digital Marketing are useful for website Owner

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means making better position of a website in search engine result page on the basis of keywords and phrases. It comes under Digital marketing category. Various processes have to be done to maintain a proper rank and position in search results like presite activity, on-page optimization, off page activity. SEO is not a one day activity, for making website popular online all these things take time and needs patience.

Now a days several websites are making their place over the internet market and some of them are doing SEO as a mandatory because without online marketing no one knows about the product or services they offers. Some companies like Flip-kart, Snap-deal runs on this only, without doing SEO they cant live in the market. Similar to training institutes and other educational organization because client now a days is very smart, before adopting the services he/she first do the research over the search engines and then they decide to adopt services and business.

A good web designer should know how to do SEO because a huge amount of money is invested in making a website. If the designer does not know how to get traffic on website he/she will not be able to drive required traffic. It becomes easier to get maximum click on website if the website in pure SEO friendly.

SEO means quality work, efforts and most important is patience. It takes several months to get traffic and proper rankings in search engine like google, yahoo etc. Search engines follow several algorithms on the basis of which page rank is decided. The higher the ranking, the possibility of number of clicks increases.

For the SEO point of view just simply making the website is not enough, it should be further optimized according to search engines guidelines like on page optimization, off-page optimization, improving website speed, header and footer optimization and other factors then only that site is considered to be able for getting a position on top.

Following are the basic guidelines to follow in regards to website designing:

1. Keep the homepage neat and clean.

2. Proper Image size.

3. User friendly navigation.

4. Color combination used

5. Look and feel.

The content of a website is also a big factor in optimization process. In SEO content is king. Once the content is optimized half work is done. Next to do is keyword research, make a list of keywords that user most likely to search for the product and finally target the keywords in your website or blogs. This all comes under off page optimization which is all about the link development strategy.

SEO and web design works together, both are complement to each other. Both can help to maintain online reputation in the market. It is important for business to integrate optimization with web design. Search engine optimization contributes a range of small things, should not be ignored like keywords and title tags. Its not compulsory that a website having nice and eye-catching design ranks more on search results.

Process of SEO includes:

  • Research
  • Reporting
  • Content writing
  • Link development
  • Post optimization

Research: It includes keyword research and competitive research.

Reporting: Making a report of keyword position on search results and determine in which area to improve.

Content Building: Good contents having keyword gives value to the SEO.

Link Development: Promoting the content through other platform using off-page optimization to provide external links to our website.

Post Optimization: Reporting again and again at a regular interval is post optimization. Rankings and site traffics are compared repeatedly on time gives effective results.

These are a some of imperative approaches to ensure your site achieves visibility in internet searches. Although there are several other methods to rank a website overnight but nothing is as effective as first having a strong foundation. If SEO is done from the early stage of designing then it must saves time and money in undoing what is done already and adding more new things in that extra time to get the page ranking.

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