Fighting Phishing Scam with Norton Security

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Phishing software are one of the most dangerous form of hacking software used by cyber criminals to steal your online identity and fraudulently use that information for stealing money from your bank accounts and credit cards. People in the UK have been found to be very prone to phishing attacks and lose millions of pounds every year.

Norton Security provide great protection from such phishing software attack and defends your system from suspicious looking sites and mails. But, hackers using phishing software keep changing their modus operandi and hence sometime get successful in fooling even the strictest security features. In you feel that your Norton Security has been unable to stop any such phishing attack then immediately call the Norton Support.

Phishing can be averted by being alert and conscious of the ways in which the scammers and hackers usually work:

* Do not disclose confidential information: Banks never ask you for your confidential information like account number, passwords or pin numbers, etc. So if you are being asked for such information through official looking mails from bank directly report it to the bank and never provide such information. Although Norton security actively scans such mails but because the scammers usually send deceptive mails so they pass through. If you are facing such problems constantly thencontacting the Norton Technical Support Number UK would be a good idea.

* Never reply to mails claiming to give you high amounts uselessly: Hackers use various mails to lure you into providing them your financial information by telling you that you’ve won a large amount of money. Never provide that information as it’ll be used to cheat you and sweep your account. If the problem persists then contact the Norton Customer Support Number UK for more information and help.

* Do not visit suspicious looking sites: Cybercriminals use familiar and trusted looking site’s duplicates to lure the user into providing their confidential information. Always remember that no bank or credit card company ever asks you to give your passwords or PIN numbers uselessly. So if any sites asks them without having to go for a transaction leave that site immediately. Report such sites to Norton Support for building knowledgebase.

* Keep your Norton up to date: Having a fully updated and working Norton Security software on your system is a good way to stay safe from such phishing attacks. But you must remember that your Norton Security can only provide you complete security as long as it is fully updated and working properly. If technical problems have developed in its functioning or it isn’t taking updates immediately call the Norton Technical Support Number UK for complete assistance.

Norton Security ensures that your system and data remains safe and intact from any virus, malware or spyware attack. This can be made possible by keeping the Norton Security software updated and functional in any case of needing assistance do not hesitate to call the Norton Customer Support Number as any delay in doing so in critical situation can prove to be catastrophic for your system and data’s security.

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