Social Media Marketing Mistakes

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Have you ever wondered why some companies have overwhelming success on social media, while others struggle? Or if not struggle, just don’t generate much traffic or engagement? There is much confusion when it comes to the most effective methods of social media marketing, as well as a few mistakes that you might be surprised to learn you are making.

Not Integrating Your Website

Website social media integration is a must. This means adding social media buttons to your homepage, header, and footer. This means ensuring that all of your blog posts can easily be shared on social media–or “liked” on social media. This also means making sure that your website URL is front and center on each of your social media profiles.

Over Posting

Over-posting is tempting, but the quality is more important than quantity. Over posting was once effective, and is still quite popular on Instagram–and for some still on Twitter. However, just like opt-in emails that message every day–if you over the post, your posts will soon become just another message in your inbox–instead of something special. Posting once or maybe twice a day is sufficient for most of your needs.


While you don’t want to over the post, you must also prioritize posting. Aim to post no less than 3 days a week. Aside from posting regularly, you must also respond daily to any messages, inquires or engagement. Even a simple “thank you” in response to positive feedback can go a long way in building brand loyalty.

Engaging Posts

Yes, it is ok to create posts that talk about your coolest products, upcoming sale, or latest promotions. However, sales-heavy posts should be the minority. Instead, utilize social media to share quotes, videos, and pictures, comment on trending topics, share fun articles and tell engaging stories. Remember that the goal of social media is to be “social” so your posts must be designed to connect with your followers.

Don’t Buy Social Media Followers

Not only is buying social media followers a waste of money, but there is zero benefit to buying followers, likes, shares, or comments. While your intention is to boost traffic and engagement, purchasing your engagement almost always backfires. Search engines are smart, and they can tell when your traffic or engagement is coming from a bot or computer program.

Spreading Yourself Too Thin

Work with a local social media company to determine which social media platforms are the most relevant to your target audience. For most businesses, this number is less than five. Keeping your number of social media profiles low will also make it easier to interact and engage on a daily basis.

Investing in monthly SMO services will help to boost your social success, and to ensure that you are marketing your social profiles in a modern and relevant manner.

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The Author has long experience in providing the SMO Services in Toronto, Canada. in this article he shares his knowledge regarding mistakes in social media marketing and how you can improve your work.


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