5 ways to reduce your AdWords campaign costs

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It is a common notion that AdWords are only meant for large enterprises and are not suitable for small companies or start-ups. Most companies do not constantly check nor maintain their AdWords campaigns, as it is forgotten once the campaign is launched. Even with the variety of tools available for keep a check on the AdWords, companies do not seem to consider using them.

Let us discuss a few steps that can help reduce the cost of AdWords campaigns and which can help to increase the ROI, eventually leading to expansion of your business by using Google AdWords.

1. Quality Score:
A very simple formula to measure the quality score –

Ad Rank = Quality Score * Max CPC

Google decides the ratings for the ads by multiplying the quality score with maximum CPC (Maximum Cost Per Click, i.e. how much you are willing to pay for a click). Higher your quality score, better the savings. Let us take an example –
Suppose your willing to pay $1 per keyword and your competitor is willing to pay $2 for the same. Your quality score is 7/10, and your competitor’s quality score is 3/10. In this case, Google calculates the ad ranks as –

Your Ad Rank = 7*1 = 7
Competitor’s Ad Rank = 3*2 = 6.

Although your competitor is willing to pay twice as much for the same number of keywords, you can rank higher than your competitor with the help of your quality score. Higher the ad rank, greater is the position of the company.

2. Keyword Matching Options:

Having optimised settings for each keyword can help control how closely the keyword matches the searches which in-turn trigger your ad. A “broad match” provides irrelevant results which can affect the CTR. Hence, having phrases which contain precisely matching keywords proves to improve AdWord results.

3. Reduce bids for non performing devices and hours:

If the ad campaign is performing well on mobile devices but not on desktops or vice versa, then one can use the option of reducing the bids on specific devices, which enables them to spend more on the platform that generates more revenue. Similarly, hours can follow this methodology, if a campaign receives more clicks/impressions on specific time of the day but not for other hours, then the hours receiving less clicks can be tuned to have reduced bids.

4. Ad-Group Structure:

A common misconception is, more number of keywords for a campaign results in maximum reach and benefits the campaign. Unfortunately, that is not true. The fact is, more non-performing keywords can actually result in lower quality score and an obviously consequence of a lower quality score is, increase in cost. The build structure of the ad group can be the deciding factor when it comes to reduce cost. It is recommended to have 10-15 keywords per ad group, all the keywords should be relevant to each other and tightly themed as well. Also, it is necessary to have different landing pages so as to know what kind of landing page works well for a particular business.

5. Double-check your settings:

A lot of money can be saved by having thorough analysis of the campaign settings. Once the campaign is up and running for specific time and there are no significant profits observed from mobile devices, then these can be turned off or the mobile bids can be decreased. Similarly, Google display network and Google search partners can be controlled via the settings. If any of the features are generating enough profit, they can be turned off to reduce the amount spent on it. Also, the location can be narrowed down through settings, if there are specific geographical locations to be targeted.

Thus, there are various ways to reduce the cost of AdWord campaigns including the few listing above. There are a number of website marketing companies in Mumbai that offer AdWord campaigns which are easy on pockets and provide result oriented solutions.

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