Necessity And Implementations Of Additional Offer URL In A SaaS Based Performance Marketing Application

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Performance Marketing And Its Relation With Performance Marketing Application
Performance Marketing has become the proletariat of the Internet business. Gradually it has become an immense online industry over the past several years, emerging as both a successful way for advertisers to sell their products and services and for affiliates to promote products and services of advertisers. Affiliates earn commissions for that. To run campaigns, to track all affiliates’ activities, advertisers need a perfect affiliate tracking application.

Necessity Of An Offer And Additional Offer URL
Offers are the heart of performance marketing. Offer means promotion of online products or services which affiliates can access and promote throughout the internet. Affiliate tracking link is the nucleus of an offer, which is used to redirect traffic to the offer landing page. Most of the time, offers and campaigns will have more than one landing page where advertisers want to send traffic to. Instead of creating a new offer for each landing page, advertisers can add additional offer URLs to the offer. Each URL can permit the affiliate to assign in which URL they want to send traffic to.

Process Of Creating Additional Offer URL In SaaS Based Application
Click on the + button and you will find a new page opening up.
After that input offer Url and Url Id. Url Id should be in numeric form.
After filling up the details just save the additional offer url by clicking on the Save Additional Offer URL button.

Particulars of Additional Offer URL
Offer Url :- Offer URL means adding additional offer url where advertisers want to send traffic.
Url id:- Url id is a number of the url.
Stage: By default it is in new stage.

Creatives and Implementations of Additional offer URL
Creative files are necessary part of an offer. Advertisers upload Creatives for affiliates. Affiliates download Creatives from their panel. They always utilize Creative files in their campaigns to promote offer, so having powerful set of Creatives will enhance the performance of an offer. Creative can be many types such as Image banner, Flash banner, HTML Ad, Test Link and Email Creative.

HTML ad can be a best option to promote offer. While using HTML Ad as Creative there are so many landing pages URL. Assume in the HTML Ad there are three landing pages URL. All URLs’ destination is alike at

But through Additional offer URL Advertiser can create multiple unique links which redirected to different landing pages. Let’s take an example to clarify it clearly.

Assume in the HTML ad there are three links which are redirected to same landing pages at Now advertisers have created three unique Additional Offer URLs in a SaaS based application. They are

After uploading the HTML Ad in the Creative, advertiser just edit the creative code and update it in the following manner
In the “href” portion of the creative code advertiser just append
href=”{tracking_link}&url_id=1″.url_id=1 means So the link is redirected to
href=”{tracking_link}&url_id=2″.url_id=2 means So the link is redirected to
href=”{tracking_link}&url_id=3″.url_id=3 means So the link is redirected to

In this manner advertisers can implement Additional Offer URL in Creatives. After creating offers advertisers just share those offers with affiliates. Affiliates can see those offers from their panel. Each additional offer url permits the affiliate to assign in which URL they want to send traffic to.

Real Time Report of Additional Offer URL
Report is an integral part of any SaaS based application. While user clicks on multiple unique links, advertisers can see the report URL wise in the Click Report under Offer Url column. Report comes in a very comprehensive manner.

Adwalnut, a SaaS based performance marketing application provides Additional Offer URL tool quite robustly. By using Adwalnut, advertiser can create multiple Additional Offer URLs without any hassle. Through these links advertisers can send traffic, where they want to send.

In brief Adwalnut is an excellent solution for anyone boarding in the world of performance marketing. To get this article in E-book format with screen shots for better clarity please keep an eye on our blog or in the E-book part.

Apart from that while creating an offer Masked URL also plays a very crucial role. To know about Masked URL please visit

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