Bank card safety

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Keep on reading to make sure that you do all your best to safely use and protect your credit or debit card. These are simple and useful tips that all card holders should apply to protect themselves from the card fraud. Bin number is very important for credit card usage, and bin checker has helped many card users already when they are just becoming familiar with their new credit card. Here we share several useful info about safe and happy credit card usage.
For everyday use:
* “Treat” your card just as the cash
* Sign on the back of the card
* Never keep together your card and bin
* Try to memorize bin. Don’t store it in your cell phone
* Regularly check bank card records to discover possible unauthorized transactions and every suspicious transaction report to bank immediately
* Keep card(s) safe and away from pickpockets
* Never keep all your bank cards together
When you shop with or use ATM:
* When you give card to seller, make sure that he gave you your card back (not someone else’s)
* Keep transaction receipt in case when seller doesn’t manage to complete transaction with your Visa card
* Never forget to take copy of receipt intended for cad holder and immediately check for charged amount
* Never let them take your card away where you can’t see it
* Keep your eyes wide open when you use ATM, watch for anything that might look suspicious
* Always enter bin making sure that no one see it
* Stay alert about your surroundings-see if someone is watching you
When you shop contact-free
* Make sure to keep your card within eye range
* Look for your surroundings. Carry bank cards in the interior pocket of jacket or in the bag, not in pant’s pocket where it is easier to be taken from
* Regularly keep tracks of transactions. Check text messages for information about chosen transactions.
When you shop online
* Register in your bank for the option “Verified by Visa”
* Be careful when you see large discount or incredibly attractive offers (too good to be true)
* Always carefully read “small print” and carefully check text behind ticked boxes
* Don’t respond to e-mails where they ask for your bank account, credit card number or date of its expiry
* Keep track on transactions you perform online and don’t store your credit card data and bin number in computer files that are not password protected
* Use safe internet search engine and avoid shopping online on publicly used computer; if you shop from public computer make sure that you close all windows and that you log off from your accounts.
In a case of stolen or lost credit card
* Contact your bank right away when your card is stolen, gets stuck in ATM or if you suspect that someone found out your bin number
* Destroy cards after their expiry by cutting them half
* Destroy cards you don’t use anymore.

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