How To Install McAfee Internet Security Updates Without Internet Connection?

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Spam is considered as the main cause fir entry of virus on your computer. The hackers are behind sending spam messages via Internet. You can possibly get assistance for securing your computer from professionals operating at McAfee support Australia. But, you can use the McAfee spam submission tool for preventing problems caused by viruses.

Steps for using McAfee spam submission tool

* Firstly, meet the download requirements. To download the free McAfee Spam Submission Tool, you require Microsoft Windows 2000 or latest operating system. Now, install the latest service pack for the operating system you are using such as Microsoft Outlook 2000 or later, which have Internet access and have the access required submitting email to McAfee. The required data includes the IP address of the SMTP server, SMTP server port details and an email address for submitting the spam.

* Download the software. Visit the McAfee Security website to locate the spam submission tool and it turns to the anti-spam product section. Now download the program and save it to a folder. Open the folder and run the Installation Wizard that will take you through the rest of the process.

* Submitting spam. Once the program is installed, it will automatically add a toolbar and menu options to Microsoft Outlook. To submit the spam, you can view the message and use the toolbar to submit the spam sample. Moreover, you can use the Action menu to complete the process or configure the tools while submitting the first demo of spam.

* Now submit the uncategorized non-spam and click the “Submit Non-Spam Sample” button or use the Action menu to take care of these messages.

* Add Microsoft contacts to the white list and prevent your regular email addresses from being uncategorized as spam. Now, click the “Configure Submission Settings” on the toolbar and add all your contacts to the white-list by then click “Add Contact Addresses to White list.”

* Blacklist the spammer. Go back to the Action menu, check the “Blacklist Sender on Submission” box and click “OK.” However, the blacklist check box will be only visible, if McAfee Quarantine Manager Software being used.

For any assistance in following these steps or to resolve any other problem related to McAfee products, you can dial the McAfee contact number Australia and a professional technician will help you right away. Note the technical assistance is chargeable.

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