5 Search Engine Optimization Predictions for 2016

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In the last ten years we have heard search engine optimization proclaimed ‘dead’ around a trillion times, we have seen tools arrive and exit and we have survived endless algorithm updates. During this point it probably is safe to bet that SEO as an industry is not going anywhere, yet if history is any indication, we are in for a wild ride.

Therefore, what might we expect for the year 2016? Below are a few of the top predictions by one of the best SEO companies in Toronto, SEO Gorillas, on what we’ll expect over the next couple of years. So take heed and get ready for the upcoming storm!

Mobile Continually will dominate

Mobile gradually has been increasing dominance as Apple initially uncovered the iPhone 1. Though, it is just more recently that mobile devices officially have overtaken desktop computers as the leading way to get on the Internet.

Structured Data and Voice Search

Tying in with the growing prominence of mobile search includes the increasing importance of ‘voice search’. Individuals do not like to search Google by entering in words when they are on the run, meaning they now are more than likely to just ask Siri, Cortana or Google Now to locate what they are searching for.

Local SEO is going to be More Important than ever

According to our top SEO companies in Toronto, local SEO always has been important yet for 2016 it’ll be more important than ever. As the competition grows online, going local is going to provide one of the top ways to discover your audience within an ocean of other results. Local search has a clear synergy with voice search and mobile search, and Google’s latest update has shown their dedication to this aspect. Be certain you are prepared by remaining on top of your local SEO with updated Google Maps, smart keywords, app integration, and information.

SEO is going to ‘Merge’ With Other types of Digital Marketing

The ones who’ve been paying attention ought to recognize that the way you describe search engine optimization changed in recent times. Now, SEO is often synonymous with ‘content marketing’, which will say a lot about the concentration Google is currently placing on quality content.

A good SEO campaign, at the same time, must incorporate elements of social media to assist in building organic links and benefit right from the likes of Google Plus, according to the exerts at our SEO companies in Toronto.

Bing is going to Offer Increasing Competition

Bing has been increasing in momentum as a serious competitor with Google for a while now and numerous key moves upon Microsoft’s part will mean it’s likely to continue.

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