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Branding aims to establish a differentiated presence through a visual scheme, which if based on earlier positive customer interaction with your product or service, will translate into a loyal customer base.

Branding is not a marketing strategy – it’s a loyalty strategy based on customer perception attached to the brand. For example, when most folks see the Mercedes Logo they associate it with quality. Every advertisement that Mercedes Benz put out is about quality and this in turn, reinforces the brand. Now take the Ferrari band – folks associate that logo with speed and masculinity. Rolls Royce logo is associated with elegance and style, royalty.

Branding therefore precedes and strengthens any marketing effort. While marketing is a “push sales” effort, branding is a “pull customer” effort because the customer is attracted to the product subconsciously. Put a bunch of cars from different manufacturers together and ask a customer to pick up a car they feel has the best quality to offer; they will almost always pick out the Mercedes Benz – and they do this without any advertisement going on at that moment. The choice is based purely based on memory recall.

Online branding begins with a graphic design – a design that is elegant but at the same time simple enough to be easily memorised. A complex design is self-defeating. The strength of the brand design is always the simplicity of the design itself. Think about it, all the top brands out there from Mercedes to Rolls Royce, to Ferrari to Toyota, to Colgate and the latest; Google all have amazingly simple designs.

Let’s not confuse branding with advertising. Branding does not carry any message – it is merely a powerful symbol that represents the product. The most infamous symbol being the Swastika created by Hitler – again, a very simple symbol.

Once a brand is established through advertisement, the symbol becomes so powerful that nothing need be said to the customer. The mere presence of the symbol says everything but it all starts with a humble Website Store Design.

At EPHP Solutions, our team of brand experts take a hard look at your product line up and business ethos and creates a series of unique Custom Graphic Design – all equally good. Each design is superimposed on your product and stationery so you know how it will look. You select one that you like and our team will finalise it.

Your next step would be to market your product using your new brand symbol but that a different topic – one that we will cover in another article. Your first step is to get the brand symbol ready and there’s none better than EPHP Solutions for this. Knowing and understanding what a brand is, makes them that much more efficient and sure-footed in coming up with an ideal graphic design for your brand symbol.

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