How to market your ecommerce website on Social media

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eCommerce website are considered as the most profitable moves but the only issue with it is that how to properly promote the business to get the most out of it. There are many strategies to promote the eCommerce website but using social media for marketing is one of the best options. You need not spent any money to hire marketing agencies to promote products through social media. It can be easily done by you and also you need not to spent hours and hours each day to promote but can be easily done in an hour each day.

The first thing to start with is to select the platforms in order to promote the product. The best ones are Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.


Start with finding out the influencer that is related to your niche and follow them. Participate in the current trends related to your product and give exposure about your product. Also you can share the content from other people that may interest your followers.


Google+ is another social platform that can actually be used to promote products. All you need to do is to share your website’s post links to it and don’t forget to add the insights into the post. Without insights the post looks boring and the engagement to the page particularly decreases. Also you can make you post stand out by italic and bold font styles (using _ and *) to the description.
For the photos, try to share the good quality images along with the proper description and the link to the website where its complete information is available.

Regardless just posting on your own profile, try to participate in the communities to get the one-on-on exposure. Find communities with your interest and join them. The only thing that mostly comes in mind is to share your link into the community but to increase the engagement you need to participate in others posts also. Find out the post that interests you, leave a comment or just compliment. The people will look at profile and can even add you to their circles. It’s a good way to increase engagement with the people on Google+.
To get engaged with your own followers you can ask questions about your products or what they want next from your services. It’s a good way to be active with the followers.


Another platform that is just perfect for the eCommerce website is Pinterest. The attraction of Pinterest is that you can directly add the images of your products on it from your eCommerce website and computer as well. All you need is to login, Click upload pin option, post your image and promote. It’s an easy way to give exposure to your product by adding quality images and description of it.


Facebook is really good for marketing the eCommerce websites. It gives you various options to market you services like images, articles, using apps that can be integrated into Facebook page, giveaways, gift cards, etc.
Giveaways are like setting up a contest for something and giving your product as prize. Ask your existing customers to share your page and post to increase the chances for winning.
For the existing customers you can offer special discounts on products through gift cards and they would love to see that.

So this was all about promoting your products on social media. But just promotion is not enough, conversions are also important. To increase the conversions the high quality images are very important for any eCommerce website. Add the features to zoom the images to have much closer look. Also make sure to add exciting offers on the front page to excite the visitors. The other crucial thing for any eCommerce website is product’s details. Give the complete details about the product that user wants to know. If you have something special about the product let the people know by mentioning it in bold. Adding reviews do works well and helps customers make their decision easily.

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