Do you know how important are social media hashtags?

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Looking from a marketing perspective, I’d say hashtags are misunderstood in the social media. My definition for a hashtag is any word preceded by the “#” symbol. These words are used for search functions since they connect the one searching to all the conversations based on the hashtag. Hashtags are used to organize and categorize content for others to quickly find. For instance clicking on the Twitter hashtag #sweet, will bring you all the conversations around it.

To use a Facebook hashtag or twitter hashtag, ensure it is unique, memorable and relevant to your campaign. Here are simple guidelines to analyze and effectively use social media hashtags.

How do you analyze?

Ongoing analytics

This involves a constant monitoring that tracks the activity over time. It is necessary for keeping up with the overall beat of the conversation on your brand. Once you set up the tracking, let it run and check in regularly to see the progress.

Campaign focused metrics

This helps you to understand the impact of the target marketing initiative. This measurement method has a definite beginning and end. It varies from campaign to campaign depending on your set goals.

For you to have an effective social media measurement and analysis program use both methods.

How should you effectively use social media hashtags?

1. Choose the right hashtag

This is the first thing you’ll have to do. Every campaign you launch need a unique hashtag for easy tracing of all the conversations.

2. Keep your hashtag short

To make it easy for people to memorize your hashtag, make it short. Long hashtags will be a problem for them when typing not to mention the difficulty in remembering. Twitter users only use up to 140 characters when posting. A short twitter hashtag will create room for people to tweet using your hashtag.

3. Make your hashtag conversational

Although you may not always apply this, when it is possible choose a hashtag that is engaging. People will be pushed to share, comment, and interact.

4. Learn from the hashtags other influencers are using.

You can use Twitalyzer to search for the best brands and people in your industry. You’ll get results for the commonly used hashtags which can be helpful to your list of potential hashtags.

5. Use keywords as your hashtags

Choose hashtags that are within the context of your brand and post.

6. Keep an eye on your hashtag

Ensure you monitor your hashtag to see the response and interaction of the users. Tools such as SocialBro and Tagboard can help you monitor user response as well as an overall picture of what has been going on around your hashtag.

Generate hashtags automatically using tools such as Bundle Post. This tool is useful for creating, organizing, scheduling and posting content for different hashtag campaigns.

7. For Twitter hashtags try using emoji hashtags for fun

There are other tools that you can use with your hashtag. A tool such as Rite tag will optimize updates on your Facebook hashtag and Twitter hashtag. TweetBinder and Twubs are tools you can use with your Twitter hashtag for analytics as well as filtering conversations. You can hire SMO services Delhi to analyze efficiently and optimize your hashtags on social media.

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