What Role Should Agencies Play In Social Media Marketing?

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With social media being so popular in the industry and global market, it comes as a no surprise that there has been a massive land grab by the accounting agencies of all shapes and sizes. Most of the marketing agencies these days well recognize the informative nature of the social technologies and with nearly a good amount involved in the social media budgets, the agencies are now trying to get a jump on the expertise. This however in some way created a confusion for interactive marketers who have restricted knowledge. Each of the marketing agencies comes at social media with a distinct strong suit.

These days most of thee PR agencies tend to be stronger in working with earned media which mostly emphasizes on working with the influential. All the interactive agencies tend to be a great role player in building out self owned media which includes different communities and social net pages and also that have expertise in the most advanced technology introduced. It is equally important to understand things like the relationship between social media and search marketing so that the company can grow in a better manner. Apart from this, the traditional creative agencies and media planning agencies mostly aim at focusing on how the social media fits into the paid media campaigns.

There are different generalities and definitely exceptions to various social media rules, though many of the agencies are helping their clients with strategy and even organizational structure. As per industry experts, most of the marketers want to have the conversations directly with their potential customers and not others who are not interested in the business. The agencies these days act as their arms and legs, ears and eyes, sometimes even their brain for a company but never, ever their mouth. It is just the appointed employees who are allowed to talk to their customers. In certain cases, companies with limited resources do allow their agencies to speak on their behalf as the agencies can deal in a better manner anyway.

For each of the marketing agency, it is important to start by determining whether or not the business owner wants an outside party speaking on their behalf. Accordingly, identify what is needed the most from an outsourcing perspective and look internally at the current agency skill sets. Once the agency gets to know what is actually needed, they can make sure to identify the roles each member has to play.

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