How to Stream your Foscam Recorded footage from the internet.

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May be you are considering purchasing a security camera system for your home but you still have a couple of questions on how you will be able to watch the live video footage from your smartphone or device. You still don’t know what is viewable via the live video footage. In this article we are going to tackle the process of viewing the video footage step by step to help you understand the mechanism.

You will also learn how you can tilt, pan or zoom objects that you see in the footage without having to have physical contact with your security cameras. Now lets dive in to the details.

1. This is the first obvious step. Open up your web browser. The browser will be your portal into the entire world of the closed circuit television (CCTV) security cameras that are wired to the internet.

2. Visit the portal of your security camera system provider and fill in your username and details so that you can login. Keep this details safe as any other person who has access to this details can be able to access the portal and view your security camera video footage. After your login is successful you will be able to view the footage from your security cameras.

3. The third step is to first view the pre-recorded video footage. Foscam security camera systems have motion detectors thus they record footage very time motion is detected by the security camera. Review the footage to see if there are ill motivated acts or it’s just a friend or family member who was recorded by the cameras. If you are able to spot a wrong doing you can take the footage to the local authorities so that they can arrest the intruder. If there is nothing wrong you can logout or view the live video feed being streamed by the security cameras.

4. While viewing the video footage you can manipulate the camera . Depending on the features of the security camera system that you are using, you can either zoom in the images, tilt the camera or pan. This features are great as they enable you view larger angles and the smaller details are recognizable too. Foscam canada offers security camera systems that have this features at a considerably inexpensive price.

NOTE: The security of your business and home totally depends on you. If you give the login details to other people they may be able to manipulate your cameras and take advantage of situation. Keep the details to yourself. Someone who has the login details can also be able to delete the already recorded footage thus you lose evidence in case a crime had happened.

If you have suspicions that someone is interfering with your security camera system you can change the username or password or report the case to the authorities so that they can make the necessary investigations.

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