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For android smart phones, call recording app is something that has been made handy for users with sky-scraping quality and at economical rate. Now users along with one sided recording can also record two way calls with ease and without a glitch. An application name Total Recall help users to record both audio and voice calls and it is a handy app with easy user interface.
Total Recall is essentially an automatic android call recorder app, which records calls at the moment you pick the call. This app was introduced long back in the year 2004 by the US developers. Developers have recently updated app version 2.0.25 supporting all android versions including Lollipop. Though this app supports all android versions, but one condition that arises here is this app integrates to some meticulous mobile devices.
There is a long list of devices cited in Play Store link where you can check as to on which handset this app actually attunes. If your device model is not on the list, don’t be anxious. This app offers free trial period for initial 30 days where you can check the app capabilities with your device.
This application allows users to record voice notes like lectures, meetings, speeches, conferences, interviews, songs, etc. via a Microphone. This app is basically one side recording and it records voices with extreme clarity and clear sound recording quality. You can also record call conversations i.e. both outgoing and incoming calls automatically. There is no need to make any special setting as this app automatically record calls after the app is installed. This kind of flexibility and feature truly makes the distinction when looking to record call conversations.
This android call recorder app has established substantial downloading and it is used in different sectors like in MNC’s, calls centers, by different professionals like doctors, lawyers, insurance agents and many others. The reason of receiving thousands of downloads is basically the recording sound quality which is tremendous.
You can now store all your recordings on the server comprising of different storages like Evernote, sound cloud, drop box, Gmail and Google drive. This actually helps users to access files later on when required and also your cell phone does not occupy much space. By enabling options from the setting menu, you can get your files automatically uploaded to the desired storage location. This auto call recorder also avails you with a feature of password protection which secures all your files listed on your handset. So, you can lock your files on your device or else you can save them on the server.
This recorder also has some more exciting features like you can instantly share your recorded files by means of social media application like Whatsapp, viber, Facebook messenger, Wechat, etc. Also, you can transfer files via Bluetooth. Moreover, you also have a preference of recording files in different formats like MP4, WAV, MP3, 3GPP and AMR. This app is very flexible and you can thus record files at any place and at any time.
You can check updates about this auto call recorder app on the below mentioned link-

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