E-Commerce SEO – Tips and Techniques for Traffic Generation

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Focus on keywords – Having the right keywords for every single page of your site is extremely important. Try to use unique keywords because the broader the keyword, the more competitive it is and the longer it will take to get that high ranking. You also need to make sure your keywords are relevant for the content on specific pages. You do not want customers to click through to your page and not find what they are looking for. Define your keywords carefully and avoid keyword stuffing. We know it sounds tempting to include your keywords as often as possible, but you must remember search engines are able to detect these and will penalize your site.

Title tags – Now that you’ve got those keywords, where do you include them? The most important place for your keywords is your title tag. On SEO optimized product pages, the title of the page will be associated with the title of each post on that page. Keep in mind that whichever title you use is usually the title that appears in search engine results. So, keep your titles search and click friendly by keeping them short (search engines results will typically include 50 to 60 characters), simple and include your keywords.

Optimize images – Your customers will want to see images of the product before they purchase it. Include quality images of each unique feature of the product and make sure that the title of each image is descriptive and not just a series of numbers. Make the image title as relevant to the product as possible and use small file sizes because the bigger your image file, the longer your site will take to load. A good tip is to add the images you want to use and then check how long these take to load before deciding on the image file type you are going to use.

Mobile friendly – So many people these days do their shopping on the go from their mobile devices. Make sure your site is responsive and mobile friendly in order not to lose these potential customers. We know this option sounds time-consuming and expensive, but just stop for a second and think how you do your shopping. Research has shown that mobile users want information quickly and easily and tend to do impulse purchases and spend more money. If you have used your mobile phone or tablet to shop lately, then you must realize that adding this feature will be well worth the money and effort put into it.

Blog – Adding a blog to your ecommerce site will prove to be an excellent idea for your ranking as it allows you to have content other than what you sell. You can talk about the features of your products in detail, how they work, what is unique about them, invite influencers to share their experience, write product reviews and so much more. You will get a chance to convert site viewers into customers.

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