How Slow Loading Affects Your Website Ranking?

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If you have ever surfed a website from your phone or laptop, then you must know that a slow loading website can be very frustrating. It is the only problem which allows a visitor to close your website and click away another one, which results penalty on your website from the search engine that negatively impact your ranking. If you will not increase your website speed, then I don’t think any digital marketing company can make it possible for you to rank on Google.

Causes of Slow loading website

Let’s take a look at some of the major causes which affect your website speed.

* If your image is too slow and non-optimized, then it may slow your website. It is the major cause of website slowness. So you need to focus on the size and variety of images that you are using on your website. Cropping, resizing of images can also help. Always use good software to optimize your images, for example Adobe Photoshop.

* The script, coding and plugin can also affect your website speed. Always avoid using bulky codes and always use efficient coding. Efficient coding will help to speed up your website.

* Malware, viruses and spam can also slow down your website without you knowing they are present in your site, so it is recommended that you should use a good virus detection program on your website. Always use an appropriate one for your server.

* If you are using a slow and unreliable hosting and server for your website, then it may slow your site running which will affect your website ranking on search engines. Always use a worth web host that will make your site secure and speed it up.

These are the common reasons which may quickly slow down your website and affect your website ranking in a negative way. It will affect your business sales also.

How slow loading affects your SEO?

Your website loading speed matters to Google. If a site loading speed is fast, chance of user remaining for a long time will increase and it will positively affect your website ranking. The speed of your site loading will impact the user experience which leads to better sales conversion.

The User doesn’t like to spend much time waiting for a website loading so having a fast website will help your visitor to quickly understand your services and navigate from page to page. And you know it will increase your page views. If your website is slow and you want to make it faster, then you can choose a Digital marketing company in Delhi which will make your website faster and optimize it with SEO.

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