Why People Are Getting Apps Developeds, And Why?

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If you have a smart phone, and who doesn’t today, you have Apps. There are literally millions of these little pieces of software running on millions of smart phones and other devices all over the world. And across all of those millions of devices, in the hands of all those millions of users, one thing has become clear to the software geeks and the marketing gods who pay the software geeks to write those apps: No two users are alike. That’s not a difficult concept to grasp. We buy our smart phones and devices in variations of color, sizes, and storage size capacities. So the notion that when we start up an app, we want it to be personalized to us is not far fetched. And the app designers of the future get it.

It’s called App Personalization, the concept of making the user experience more personal. It’s the creation of mobile applications for specific audiences and moving away from the “One Size Fits All” mentality of software design in the past. It’s designing apps that are either geared toward your specific interests, or can learn those interests or behaviors to tailor itself to you. Ever wonder how Facebook’s latest “suggested” post was the same Bluetooth headphones you just googled for a fraction of the price? Or do you ever think, how did Amazon know that I’d find the new Tom Clancy book interesting while I was purchasing a cookbook for my aunt? Because both apps remembered your previous activities, and have personalized the experience.

The idea is marketing gold. For companies who want to more efficiently spend their marketing dollars, having a specific subset of the population with a higher chance of sales potential is just the ticket. With a personalization developer app, businesses can gather demographic and segmentation data on potential customers. This way they can market the most appropriate goods or services where they get better bang for their buck. This is a much better method than the old way of paying advertisement dollars in the hopes that a small percent of the people who’ve seen the advertisement even have an interest in what’s being sold. With app personalization businesses can get the right goods in front of the right customers faster and cheaper.

There are a growing community of APIs, developers, and companies who build and use algorithms over the internet and in the computing clouds to gather and analyze what we look for and where we spend our time online. A good personalization developer app both businesses looking to provide us with things we want, as well as content we care about is making every users’ little corner of the internet that much more personal.

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