Best Way to Edit Gopro Videos

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Our Team is made of drone enthusiasts that specialize in photo editing, video editing, web services, marketing and lead generation. We also provide a network of services that 333 exempt drone companies can utilize.

We specialize in supporting drone companies and our number one focus is on helping our clients grow their business! We’ve discovered that many drone companies do an incredible job at their core competencies but sometimes need additional support, especially in areas they may not be experts.

We provide the following services –

~ Photo Editing

~ Video Editing

~ Web Services

~ Marketing

~ Lead Generation

~ Client Relationship Management (CRM)

~ Drone Business Insurance

~ Drone Repair

~ FAA Exemption

We are also providing a free landing page on for each 333 exempt company. This will give you additional exposure and potentially drive more clients to your drone business.

We increase public awareness of the benefits of drone services and technology and encourage the safe, legal and ethical use of drone services.

Drones are becoming the biggest and most desired photography feature for all types of businesses. Drone technology has advanced so well that you can easily add additional income opportunities to your photography or video business.

Our staff has used several variations of drones for commercial use. Similar to professional cameras, we all have our favorites and preferences but we commonly use the DJI family of drone products.

Depending on your niche and your experience level, the type of product your offer from your drone photography or video work, and your location; we have seen drone work pricing from a few hundred dollars to several thousand depending on the gig. Aerial photography and video have become very popular in and marketing and advertising medium. New technology, apps, video feeds and software have made drone piloting very simple and easy to learn from your first flight. Many beginner presets and GPS features create an easy flight training experience. Features and presets that will land your drone on it own and bring it back to its homed in location if lost. A pilot license is not required to receive your FAA 333 Exemption. The exemption will allow you to fly for commercial purposes legally and allow you to charge clients for your drone services and aerial photography.

“ has not only assist with post production, video editing, photo editing but has given us the additional bandwidth to take on more clients without hesitation.” – Danny Funk

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