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There are all sorts of ways that you can build up links for your own site but commenting on blogs has always been one that stands out. However, to truly make this strategy work for SEO purposes, you need to focus completely upon do-follow blogs because comments left on other blogs don’t get recognized by the search engines.

Due to the action of many black hat SEO’s, getting blog comments approved is becoming difficult nowadays. Many blogs have deactivated the comment feature while other bloggers are very reluctant to approve blog comments. In this article I will give you 3 easy tips to get your comments approved on blogs.

1. Add To The Discussion

Any comment you add must add to the discussion or topic. So do not leave comments like good post or keep it up. This is surely put your comments at the risk of spam. Moreover it is good etiquette to do this. Comments like ‘Great post’, ‘Excellent post’ are meaningless. Your comments do not have to be long, but it should be meaningful and relate to the blog post.

2. Use Anchor Text

This is a very important factor in determining Google rankings. Use anchor text efficiently. Like if your website is about light bulbs, and then be sure to use the keyword light bulb in your comment, and use it as an anchor text for your links. When Google will ultimately crawl this link, it will associate the word light bulb with your site and lead to better search engine rankings for the term light bulb.

3. Mix the Do-follow with the No-follow

Right now, there are lots of speculations that the impact of do-follow blogs isn’t more significant than no-follow blogs. Well, while that remains to be seen, it is always best to use what the search engines recommend. So, when you are commenting on other people’s blogs, make sure that most of the blogs are do-follow and the rest, no-follow (80%:20% is a good idea). The idea behind this is really simple: natural ranking.

So if you want to enjoy the benefits of blog commenting, and get as many of your comments as possible approved, keep the above strategies in mind. By making your comments as helpful and relevant as possible, you will be adding value to the blog, and this way the owner or moderator would not have a reason to delete it.

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