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When shooting an action scene or something similar which you want to slow down, you want to use the maximum Best video editing quality available for your drone. In the case of the phantom 2, phantom 3 it’s 60fps at 1080p quality. Not sure if you own other drones such as the inspire 1 which is more advanced. You would have to check the settings and see if possibly there is an option for 120fps.
Basically, the higher the frames per second, the better the slow motion will look. For example, if you record in 60fps in 1080p, it would be easy for me to reduce the speed to 50%, and get a good looking 30fps video in half-speed slow motion.

You don’t necessarily need to shoot at 60fps all the time. Just when there is a certain shot you think will look good in slow motion. So the ideal settings for slow-motion would be 60fps or higher if possible, and 1080p quality.

Ideally when recording the footage, you want to have the camera on a still position. If there is an object moving fast, and the camera is in motion as well, there will be disturbance while working with the slow-motion. You also want to make sure that the background of the person or object being filmed is clear and with very few obstructions & Gopro movie maker.
Also, when shooting your footage, make sure you use lots of light. This is because when you shoot in slow-motion, what you are basically doing is taking a large amount of pictures at a very fast rate. Recording with good lighting will avoid having dark and gloomy shots in slow-motion.

If you need more clarification or have any questions, feel free to let us know.
Drones are becoming the biggest and most desired photography feature for all types of businesses. Drone technology has advanced so well that you can easily add additional income opportunities to your photography or video business.

Our staff has used several variations of drones for commercial use. Similar to professional cameras, we all have our favorites and preferences but we commonly use the DJI family of drone products.
Depending on your niche and your experience level, the type of product your offer from your drone photography or video work, and your location; we have seen drone work pricing from a few hundred dollars to several thousand depending on the gig. Aerial photography and video have become very popular in and marketing and advertising medium.

33fly supports 333 exempt companies and our number one focus is on helping our clients grow their business! We provide Best video editing, Gopro movie maker services.

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33fly supports 333 exempt companies and our number one focus is on helping our clients grow their business! We provide Best video editing, Best way to edit gopro videos services.


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