How to Select the Right Home Monitoring System?

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In this techno oriented world, everyone is going for wireless, even it’s related to home security, business security or baby monitoring? People who are concerned about security know when and where to put camera.
AmbiCam provide cloud base home monitoring solution with just easy plug and play ambicam camera. You can easily get access or watch from your smartphone, laptop and desktop easily so that you will never lose any special moment. You can access ambicam anywhere, anytime.
Ambicam Home Monitoring available in two flavours – AmbiCam Wi-Fi and Ambicam Pro. Ambicam provide a super streaming service. Plug and play Ambicam with online video feed, with a very simple three steps setup.
In ambicam Wi-Fi you will get 720p resolution with 105 degree view, 20 meter IR and cloud based video recording subscription offer. While in ambicam Pro you will get 960p resolution with 130 degree angle view 20 meter IR and cloud based video recording subscription.
Home monitoring systems are available in two various types – wired and wireless.

Benefits of ambicam:

* Ambicam wireless video monitoring camera can boost your wireless security at Home, Business, Baby and pets.
* Using application you can watch your family, business at any place anywhere, anytime.
* Ambicam is Easy to install and configure just plug and play camera with 3 simple steps.
* Ambicam home video monitoring gives you a peace of mind as you feel a sense of security when at home or away from home.
* Using our cloud recording service you can watch your recorded feed anytime.
* Instant alert, using ambicam application you will get push notification while any activity detected at home or business. This allow prompt action without wasting time.
* Less Expensive, because it is wireless, typically there are less tools and accessories that will be needed. This will allow you to save money on the accessories any pay strictly for ambicam camera.

Key Features:

– Video Feed Saved on Cloud for Instant viewing.
– Pure Plug & Play for Instant use.
– 130 Degree Viewing Angle widest in its Class.
– Real Time Alerts for instant Action.
– You can set-up ambicam in less than 60 second.
– Multiple users pair with multiple devices securely.
– Night vision, Keep an eye on things, even in the dark.
– Intelligent Alerts, Receive notifications for motion and sound.
– Right to use any cameras feed at one place using your smartphones.
– Full 720P HD Video for easy view.

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