Just What Makes a Blog Successful?

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The internet blogosphere is a very large and sometimes very lonely place. It’s never been easier to get your own piece of internet real estate and there is always room for one more site. As a result, the number of blogs in existence has exploded in recent years and shows no sign of abating, yet how do these new bloggers find people to read their posts? Where do their visitors come from? The simple truth is that many of the blogs out there are attracting very small numbers of visitors with some attracting none at all. Some are nothing more than labors of love by their owners. Only a small handful of bloggers will ever make it to blog superstardom and attract the thousands of daily visitors needed to achieve it. But how do these blogs do it?

The answer lies in hard work and quality content. There’s no secret formula and no magic button hidden away on a long lost web page. These bloggers have grasped what makes a successful blog and chased it down to give their readers what they need and want. First and foremost, readers are looking for high quality, informative and engaging content. While many people can provide this by writing well on subjects of interest, fewer achieve the level of originality in their articles and posts that keeps readers coming back day after day. A well written and high quality post must be combined with an angle or viewpoint that readers can’t find elsewhere on the internet. The blogger must put their very own stamp on the page, making the subject their own, no matter what it is.

A returning readership is something that every blog needs. New readers will find the blog in small numbers over time, but the returning readership is what makes the blog successful and sees the daily traffic levels grow consistently. It is these returning readers that will form your best marketing tool, but only if you can consistently give them what they are looking for. Your goal is to publish posts that your readers love and will be willing to tell others about. Word of mouth is by far the best recommendation and the most effective form of marketing you can have on your side.

Even once a blog is offering this original content, success is not guaranteed. The blog marketing and promotion machine must roll into action. Since the blogosphere is so big, it can be difficult for any single site to stand out from the crowd and be noticed. The blogger has to push and promote the blog in every corner of the internet just to get noticed. Again, there is no easy one-click way of doing this. It takes knowledge, skill, determination and above all, time and patience. The successful blogger becomes expert not only in writing good posts, but also in networking with other blog owners, backlink creation, article marketing, guest blogging and all manner of internet marketing techniques.

The sheer number of blogs in existence means it’s highly unlikely your blog will float to the top of a very high pile based on quality of content alone. If you are committed and willing to learn and spend the time to promote your blog, there’s a chance you could be one of the few that makes it.

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