Multiple Currencies in Affiliate Marketing

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Why multiple currencies are required in Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing has grown significantly since its inception. Affiliate billing is one of the crucial parts in affiliate marketing. In order to payout an affiliate, ad networks need to define commission plans that specify how much an affiliate receives for each purchase that they refer. Sometimes ad-networks are running their businesses in multiple countries and offer pricing is based on local currencies. Thus they are tracking commissions for their affiliates in multiple currencies. If affiliate tracking application does not have multiple currencies option then international affiliate marketing falters quite severely.

Powerful Connotations Of Affiliate Billing In Performance Marketing

Performance marketing has grown drastically over the last couple of years because affiliate marketers are beginning to comprehend that it is the most proficient way to handle advertising. To perform robust performance marketing add another weapon to your marketing artillery-Affiliate Billing. Affiliate billing is immensely flexible and provides numerous advantages that really help to manage several affiliates. In the process of affiliate billing, invoice is generated, after that it is shared by ad network, as a consequence affiliates can see the invoice in their panel how much they earned. This system is the ingenuous procedure in staying organized in affiliate billing processes. If want to process hassle free affiliate billing then just adopt robust performance marketing application and enjoy the supremacy of Affiliate Billing system.

Adwalnut’s Expertise

Adwalnut a SaaS based performance marketing application makes simple international affiliate marketing by providing multiple currencies option. Adwalnut’s multi currency functionality allows ad networks to support tracking and payouts in multiple currencies. This robust multi currency support has been embedded in the system quite merely. Ad-networks can set global Network Currency through application setting. By doing this, by default every offer is running in that selected currency.

Apart from that Ad-networks can set currency for each offer according to their need. Adwalnut tracks cost and revenue by the currency, set for each offer. If custom currency is enabled then cost and revenue is tracked using the selected currency. With this level of foremost support, Adwalnut’s clients can truly operate business on a global basis. For more details please visit our website or signup for free demo at

Expanding your global reach with Adwalnut that allows you to create and manage campaigns in any native currency. So just switch to Adwalnut and enjoy the clout of affiliate marketing. For more details please visit us at

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