Nine Top Benefits mCommerce for Shoppers and Retailers

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Today, it is the age of mcommerce. Customers do shopping online with their mobiles more often than. They can do it at home, when they are commuting or standing in different. Research has found that growth of mcommerce is primarily from smartphones.

The tremendous growth of mcommerce is because of the improved mobile phone user experience, context driven content, and more user-friendly mobile search. This trend is likely to continue throughout the year 2016. Shoppers will get numerous benefits of mcommerce. We’ll discuss them here briefly.

1. Scheduled messaging
Push notification enabled smartphones enable customers to get message even when the sender is not active using their mobile app.

For retailers, it is important to make their site mobile friendly. It should work in well mobiles as it does in case of desktop and laptop PCs. Making the site mobile friendly would make visitors come back. Live chat and one click calling option benefit customers by helping them reach your business easily.

2. Access to information
Using smartphones can access to product information and helps get customers’ response immediately. For businesses, it’ll be easy for them to offer customer service and replying customers’ queries.

3. Tracking location
Notification based on location help businesses offer individualized offers – discounts, gifts who purchase from you on a regular basis.

4. Help get new customers
Apps with virality, can acquire more customers. According to sources from eBay, 40% of its new customers came to know about their business via the app.

5. Shopping becomes easy
Using mobile apps on smartphones shoppers make purchases. This is because it is easy to shop, review and check review. According to Nielsen 63% shoppers search and compare prices using smartphones.

6. Track your orders
Tracking the orders is an important online activity for shoppers according to Nielsen research because they can do so by using the mobile app. As for retailers, using analytics for your mobile app, you can enhance user experience and know what actually your customers are looking for.

7. Customers can save
Customers use smartphones to look for the product, etc. According to research by Nielsen, 34% of them do so to get mobile coupons. Shoppers benefit from by shopping with you and this would help you put your business in good attention.

8. Help engage repeat customers
It is important to keep your customers engaged, if your want them to be repeat customers, that is loyal customers. According to research by Adobe, 67% of loyal customers like apps from mcommerce stores that they are a loyal customer of.

9. A new channel for promoting products
mcommerce generates a new marketing channel. This helps businesses offer personalized service to their customers. For example, iBeacons working via product display, signs, etc, interact with mobile devices close to them.

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