Simple Yet Effective Online Photo Editing Tips For Beginners

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Although online photo editing may look easy, it takes a steady hand and mind as well as patience to touch up or restore photos. This is probably why many individuals opt to choose an online photo editing services company for photo retouching. Nevertheless, if you are still interested in editing your photos on your own, here are some basic online editing tips that can help you with the project.

Create Bokeh to Render out of Focus Points of Light

Sometimes there might be a few lights in the background that contrast heavily with the subject in front. Here Bokehwould be a great technique to render these sharp lights into softer ones. This technique will blur out the lights in the background in an aesthetic manner, making them look almost creamy or gauzy, thus shedding more focus on the subject in front. You can find the Bokeh tool in many online photo editing services with ease. Playing around with it can also help you find rather unique ways to make your photos shine.

Make Pop Art to Hide Awkward Colors, Lighting and Angle

Sometimes the best of pictures can look bad owing to issues with colors, lighting or the angle at which they were taken. Many online digital photo colorization services and tools offer a pop art style fix, feature that turns these otherwise drab photos into stunning pop art with the use of contrasting colors and patterns. Use this feature to make bad photos look good and good photos look better.

De-pixelize Resized Photos

You may wonder as to how many online digital photo cropping/ re-sizing services manage to resize or crop pictures with great clarity while you end up with pixelated versions of the same. Well, the answer to this can be web tools like VectorMagic that transforms your images into vector art that can be scaled, cleaned and smoothed while resizing the picture. It is a lifesaver for those who wish to make a small icon like photos bigger.

Remove Distractions for Perfect Shots

There are many online digital photo background removal services that allow you to remove the background completely from a picture. However, did you know that there are ways you can remove distractions in front of a background as well? Case in point, removing people from the front of an otherwise stunning backdrop.

Tools like Photoshop’s statistics and stacks tool and Tourist Remover helps remove people as well as other distractions at the front to give you a clean shot of the background. If automated filtering does not do the trick, you can always consider an alternative. Instead of removing the distractions in front, remove the background completely and then grab what you want from the shot.

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