Steps to build ecommerce website

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Magento is one of the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms. Magento is perfect for global brands. Leading brands use Magento to power their online stores.
1: Decide on your domain
To sell multiple products and build a brand, a custom domain is the way to go. A custom domain gives your eCommerce store:
A recognizable brand that belongs to you
A professional email address linked to your domain where people can contact you.
Search engine optimization (SEO) benefits
2: Choose the right platform
ecommerce platform that’s flexible and easy to use. Most small business owners don’t want to be bothered with hand coding their website. Business owners and solo entrepreneurs need a platform that integrates easily with their existing site or allows them to set up a site from scratch in only a few steps.
3: Design your store
Add pages to your online store so you can give buyers more information about you, your products, and your services to make them feel more comfortable about making the purchase. Include an about page and a contact page at the very least to help potential buyers connect with you. You can add video and text onto your pages.
4: Set up payments
There are two key aspects of payments for your ecommerce website: how customers are going to pay you and how you are going to get those payments into your own bank account. In many cases, this means finding a third party payment processor to act as the go-between.
5: Add products
Next, add some products to your eCommerce website. Choose your product type, Give your product a name and description , Set the price and the quantities available for sale, Create a preview of your item
6: Check out the checkout
Making sure your website and especially your checkout works on tablets and smartphones. And letting people purchase multiple items at once
7: Look after SEO and analytics
One thing that is very important in creating your eCommerce website is search engine optimization (SEO). Use the latest guidance on SEO to help people find your eCommerce website, products, and services online.
8:Using Magneto
Magento is an open-source content management system specially designed for ecommerce websites. It offers unprecedented flexibility and control over the websites in ecommerce platform. The Most Powerful features of Magento are creating multiple websites and stores from a single administrator end. Magento is the best and most SEO friendly content management system when compared with other ecommerce platforms.

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