The Importance of Monitoring Your Website’s Uptime

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Website tracking software applications are extremely important if you are a web designer, developer, or a web hosting service. Knowing if any of the websites you manage are offline is a critical business function you need to be tracking and fixing in real time. Getting a call from a customer and learning with them that their website is down is not the call you want to get.

Luckily, there are a lot of good solutions on the market to manage all of your websites in one place. Whether you use a Google Docs API or a real-time monitoring service, something should be implemented the larger your business grows. The more you manage, the harder it becomes, and as you grow, you will likely need to go from a free service like the Google API to a more managed solution.

When you pick a website uptime monitoring solution, be sure to look at all the features you need. There are so many out there that you can end up spending more than you need to. You want to make sure it does what you need, but not have to pay for a bunch of features you don’t need.

While numerous technologies exist to monitor website uptime and downtime, I find the most important feature to look for to be one that checks your websites at regular intervals for certain words or phrases on your site. Remember that the site can report as being up when checked by monitoring tools, but not render anything if it is having a problem loading.

Hopefully, this explains the difference in just ping testing your websites for availability, versus actually inspecting the page for text to make sure it really is online.

So when you search the web for website uptime monitoring services and software, remember to make sure you pick the solutions that match your needs. If you are a web hosting company, I would think you should be monitoring site response times. If you are a web design agency or developer, it will be very important to monitor your client sites for actual content to make sure the site is loading properly and displaying properly, especially after deploying security updates.

So evaluate different services and pick the one that fits the type of sites you need to monitor and the type of business you have. With our free membership, you can test out all the features of it and enjoy all the benefits of ours services.

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