Tips for Mobile Friendly Website Design

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If your business website is not optimized for mobile then you may be losing out on a lot of potential customers. According to experts of Web Design in Cardiff, here are some tips that you can use to make your website design more mobile friendly.

Choose responsive design

Responsive design websites are capable of adapting themselves to the platform they are being viewed on. If you are opening a responsive website on a laptop/desktop, it will be visible differently and when you open it on a mobile screen or a tablet, it will be viewed depending upon that screen size. It is not only a better user experience, but you are also able to target audience across all mediums. Since it consolidates your website, you don’t need a separate mobile URL. Besides, it also has in-built SEO advantages.

Single Hand Operation

Cardiff Web design experts suggest that the best mobile websites are those that can be managed with a single thumb. Your site should be easily navigable with your single hand or better still, a thumb. This is very important for your website because if the users find it clumsy to navigate through your site, chances are they will switch to something that will give them greater ease of navigation.

Another thing to consider is that most mobile websites will be viewed on a touchscreen device so ensure that the buttons are easily accessible even for thick fingers.

Keep things simple

While you may be tempted to add all the information that you can, clean design will go a long way in creating a more focused website. It is better to have a website that allows your viewers to get in and out of it in no time. If the users are fumbling too much with the page, they will switch to another website. Not too mention, too many videos, graphics and other frills will make the site heavier which results in increased load time. Even if you must use images, stick to the smaller sizes.

Make your content crisp

Don’t try to say too much through your website. You may want to pour yourself out there through your page but cluttered website is not going to be an easy one, especially for a mobile device. So think of way to tell your story, albeit in as few words as possible.

Web design Cardiff professionals say that the attention span of an average viewer on a mobile screen is much less than the desktop viewer. So try to give out your message in less, but effective words.

Your contact details should be easy to find

The mobile website needs to take this very seriously. If your contact information is hard to come by, your viewers will lose interest in you and your business. This is why you should make your phone number, location and contact info as easily spotted as possible. Don’t make your users look for hours to locate a contact number or even something as simple as your business hours. This information should be visible on the nose.

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