Video Sharing Made Easy By Sendvid- A Review of Sendvid

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Video sharing sites are getting huge popularity owing to the fact innovative ideas and technologies are applied by different providers. Sendvid is one such video sharing platform that aims to simplify the task of video sharing.

A user-friendly and well-designed platform

Sendvid is designed to offer its user an easier and faster experience of sharing videos online. Some of the noteworthy features of the site are mentioned below:

It is compatible- It comes with the compatibility to support multiple video formats. Some of the popular ones are avi, .mp4, .m4v, .mov, .wmv, .Mpg, .Mpeg.

Sendvid does a great job of streamlining the complexities of video compatibility hassles, which can be a common issue with other video platforms. For example, if you upload an .avi video it will automatically be encoded in MP4, which is really stunning. Furthermore, after the encoding process, you will receive a link, which you can use to post it to Facebook.

Your personal dashboard is designed with a minimalist approach, and it is a friendly user interface.

Another promising feature that is worth mentioning is that your videos stay private until you share the link.

Though, the video site is in it is a beta version, users never faced any bug or slowness so far.

However, there is a setback, and that is the limitation of uploading the duration. You can only upload videos 15 minutes in length. However, it is assumed that the developers will work on this issue and will upgrade it.

Pros and Cons of Sendvid


Purely oriented on content-no comment
User-friendly dashboard
Compatible to ever-video format
Very smooth and efficient platform
For basic use, no formalities of sign-up are required.

Limited to 15 minutes of video length

Overall Rating – 4.5 out of 5

In the conclusion, is a very useful video platform without too many bells and whistles to get in the way.

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