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As a business, keeping your information private it vital to your success. It stops the competition from getting ahead of you and it makes your clients feel protected. But what if your information isn’t as private as you think it is? What if your employees are putting your company at risk every day?

Well, the bad news is that they are. Every single day, your employees are doing things that put your sensitive information at risk. They aren’t doing it maliciously. In fact, you are probably doing it too. What exactly are they doing?

They are access company emails and databases using mobile devices.

Laptops and desktops are relatively easy to lock down, but mobile devices have a specific weakness: apps. Apps are the security blind spot of the business world because they operate differently than traditional programs and most businesses have not learned how to guard against them. Are apps really that big of a risk? Consider the following data.

* Each of your employees has an average of 75 apps on their mobile devices.

* The vast majority of your employees will use these devices for at least some of their job tasks; at minimum, they will use them to check email.

* 79% of mobile apps have hidden or risky behaviors.

* 70% of devices use unencrypted network services.

* Finally, due to the above mentioned facts, 85% of enterprises will experience at least one mobile security incident every year.

So that is the bad news. Here is the good news: there are enterprise mobile apps for security that will allow you to take control and protect your business.

Appthority is one of these enterprise security mobile apps, and it one of the best on the market. Appthority is a solution that allows you or your tech security team to manage app use on approved mobile devices. There are a couple key components that make it an excellent choice for your company.

First of all, it has a database of over 3 million apps that it has already analyzed for threats and risky behaviors. They add to this database every time they come across a new app on an employee’s device and they reassess each time an app is updated, giving you the knowledge you need to make this enterprise mobile app for security work for you.

The second component is the dashboard that allows you to take control. With this database, you can blacklist any app with a risk assessment over a certain percentage. You can also choose to whitelist risky apps if they are key to the function of your business. Additionally, you can set these whitelists and blacklists by groups, allowing some employees greater freedom than others.

If you are interested in Appthority for enterprise security mobile apps, contact their sales team today.

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